About Us

Les Maisons Charplexe is an accomplished entrepreneur in residential construction, but it’s also a large family! The depth of this union transcends the quality of service.

Since 1995, Les Maisons Charplexe has built homes for consistently satisfied customers, from detached and semi-detached cottages, to townhouses, triplexes, quadruplexes, sixplexes and condos. With over 2,500 residential units developed in Laval and on the North Shore, Les Maison Charplexe continues to grow at a pace that has only accelerated over the last two decades.

The Team

This family business counts twenty experienced employees, all of whom are dedicated and adept in the art of customer service.

Our Commitment

A cost-control policy, including profit margins, enables us to offer unparalleled value. We always work on the basis of an economy of scale for the benefit of our customers.

Word of Mouth

Les Maisons Charplexe’ success is due to the impeccable customer and post-sale service. Our high customer satisfaction rates reflect this clearly. Inevitably, our customers become ambassadors of Les Maisons Charplexe.

All stakeholders involved in the implementation of your property invest in one thing, providing excellent service.

At Les Maisons Charplexe, each project is unique. That’s why we’re committed to building your home as if it were our own.

The concept of rationality

We prioritize the vital space which families need. We invest in the interior, knowing full well the preferences of customers who prioritize a comfortable, suitable and functional living environment. We optimize the space by designing open rooms and with high ceilings. The kitchen, living room, family room and bedroom – no room is overlooked or taken for granted. Again, even the dimensions of the bathroom surpass the standard frames.